DGT XL: Red Chess Clock

DGT XL: Red Chess Clock
Code: 51-910
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DGT XL: Red Chess Clock

The DGT XL Red Chess Clock, introduced in 2003, is in full accordance with FIDE rules and regulations.

It is the clock you will see most frequently in photo reports of top level tournaments, as it is the clock that connects to the DGT electronic chess board, used for live internet broadcasting of chess games.

The DGT XL: Red Chess Clock has all the advantages of the DGT 2010, the other DGT clock approved and recommended by the world chess federation, but in addition has several extra options, making the DGT XL the ultimate in chess clock technology.

Additional features:
  • Additional display information; timing system including period of play.
  • Option to mix the different timing systems to best suit your game.
  • Save and retrieve 5 user defined settings.
  • Multi period “Bronstein” delay, used in US tournaments.
  • Up-count timing method, e.g. for Scrabble ©.
  • Clocks display shows move if the DGT e-Board is used for online or PC play.
  • High energy efficiency, runs over 3 years on 2 AA alkaline batteries.

Click here to download the chess clock manual for more information