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Queen's Gambit Accepted: Chess Training Program

Queen's Gambit Accepted: Chess Training Program
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Information from the Chessbase website:
The Queens Gambit Accepted is one of the classical openings against 1.d4 and has been (is) part of the repertoire of all World Champions. These days Anand is the top player who most often employs this solid defence. But Kasparov, Shirov and Ivanschuk also occasionally resort to 1.d4 d5 2.c4 dxc4. Schipkov characterizes the opening in the following way. "The Queen's Gambit Accepted is a postmodern opening because it combines and deepens classical and hypermodern ideas. Black is not afraid to surrender the centre (hypermodern) and has no weaknesses (classical). The Queen's Gambit Accepted offers a wealth of different possibilities. In contrast to the Queen's Gambit Declined we can develop the c8-bishop to b7 or g4; counter attacks such as e7-e5 or c7-c5 are possible without losing a tempo as in the Slav. But White also has various in the QGA. The large database includes 19 texts explaining the different variations as well as 20,779 games, of which about 1200 are annotated. A training database contains 30 games with 86 training questions. In addition the CD-ROM contains a tree made of all games. suitable for advanced players -extensive opening course in 17 chapters -database with nearly 21,000 games -ChessBase Reader included -complete English version