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King's Indian Saemisch System

King's Indian Saemisch System
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Information from the Chessbase website:
King's Indian Saemisch System
The Sämisch System against the King‘s Indian Defence occurs after 5.f3. There is something solid about the move (it protects the important squares e4 and g4) and something aggressive at the same time (it prepares g2-g4 and a kingside pawn storm). The ideas behind this system are easy to learn. In the large database with approximately 30,000 there are also an introductory text and a chapter with the basic ideas of the Sämisch System. These are followed by 18 texts which treat the individual opening variations. The work by the author on this CD has been influenced by his own practical experience (mostly positive experience). Schipkov has annotated some 400 games exclusively for the CD. In addition, there is also a training database with 30 games and almost 300 training questions. The CD is rounded off with an opening tree of all 30,000 games.

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