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How To Play The Queen's Indian

How To Play The Queen's Indian
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Information from the Chessbase website:
How to play the Queen‘s Indian
With his previous publications (ChessBase-CDs: Budapest Gambit, Bird‘s Opening, Colle System) the author has already demonstrated, that he is particularly interested in passing on ideas, typical structures and plans. His new work is no exception. But how can that work with such an enormous opening as the Queen‘s Indian? This is how hegoes about things: a database which provides an overview and contains 16 texts and 368 carefully chosen sample games, over 100 of which he has annotated himself a chapter which explains the basic strategy 2 texts with appropriate introduction for 12 brilliant games by Black and by White a chapter on typical tactics including opening traps 2 chapters on „typical pawn structures“ and on „piece behaviour“ a further database „Strategy“ with 33 game extracts and 54 training questions another database „Tactics and traps“ with 33 game extracts and 55 training questions classic Queen‘s Indian games with lots of explanations theory in the usual sense, i.e. variations and sub-variations, is kept to a minimum The work is supplied with a large database of over 78,000 games.