1000 Opening Traps

1000 Opening Traps
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Information from the Chessbase website:
Karsten Müller / Rainer Knaak: 1000 Opening Traps
If you do not know opening theory in its most intimate details, then you must rely on a sound understanding of chess. But sometimes, that is not enough, because opening traps lurk everywhere, relying on the unwary making “normal” moves – developing a piece, making a capture, setting or parrying a threat. But after that the reply is mainly an unusual and therefore an unexpected one – a sacrifi ce, a piece moves to an unusual square or an expected recapture is omitted in favour of another, better move. In this work, the authors have a twofold aim in view; if you wish, you can master the traps within the area of your own openings. But you can also systematically attempt to extend your opening repertoire in order to set some traps yourself. All the features at a glance: suited to advanced players main database contains 1000 traps from A00-E99 20 introductory texts classification into traps and opening blunders database of motifs training database
About the authors Grandmaster Dr. Karsten Müller has for many years contributed to ChessBase (including work on the Centre Counter (Scandinavian), endgames, the Lasker- CD, the Morphy-CD), but has also already published books on the themes of tactics and endgames. Grandmaster Rainer Knaak has already published various CDs in ChessBase (including Attacking the castled king, Trompowsky Attack) and is the editor of ChessBase Magazine and the Mega Database.

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