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Convekta: Nalimov Endgame Tablebases

Convekta: Nalimov Endgame Tablebases
Code: 15-712
  • Product Description

Nalimov Ending Tablebases (on two double DVDs, 17 Gb) include the most complete version of the 6-piece NALIMOV endgame tablebases:

    Tablebases completely compatible with Chess Assistant 8, Comprehensive Chess Endings, Fritz, Shredder, Junior and a number of other engines

    Tablebases tell you exactly how to play any position out of the material included in the DVDs

    Tablebases know whether a position is won, lost, or drawn, and how many moves it takes to win or draw, assuming best possible play by both opponents

    Tablebases can be used while viewing games, analyzing, or playing against a computer

    Supplied with Tablebases, playing engines are infallible in the late endgame, for they start using variations and evaluations available in the tablebases as soon as a certain position arises on the board. The engines playing strength thus increases greatly
By installing tablebases on your hard disk you accelerate access to them.