Nalimov Tablebases on DVD

Nalimov Tablebases on DVD
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Nalimov Ending Tablebases, Complete Set, 12 DVDs, 100gb
Nalimov DVD includes the most complete version of the 3-4-5 piece NALIMOV endgame tablebases (290 files). Completely compatible with Chess Assistant 6 or 7, Comprehensive Chess Endings, Fritz 7/8, Tiger 14/15, Shredder 7, Junior and a lot of other engines.

  • Tablebases will tell you exactly how to play out any position once 5 or less pieces are left on the board, since they are very instructive while analyzing endgames with a small number of pieces
  • The program knows whether the position is won, lost, or drawn, and how many moves it will take to win or draw, assuming best play by both sides
  • You can use tablebases while viewing games, analyzing, or playing against a computer
  • Supplied with tablebases, playing programs are infallible in the late endgame, as they begin to use variations and evaluations from the tablebases as soon as a position available in them arises on the board. Thus the programs playing strength increases greatly
  • To install tablebases on your hard disk means to speed up access to them. When installing Comprehensive Chess Endings, setup program offers you installing tablebases as well.