Chess Database (PGN & CA Format)

Chess Database (PGN & CA Format)
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Information from Convekta website:
DVD presents the best chess databases of games in two formats - PGN and Chess Assistant, which can be used in the popular programs Chess Assistant, Chess Base, Fritz , Shredder, Junior, Hiarcs and etc .
The database HugeBase includes 3 002 000 games from the beginning of the chess history till the 1st of April 2006.
It is one of the cleanest and most approved databases without duplicates. The number of games with less than 10 moves is just 0.8%. The players' library consists of more than 200 000 chess players with unique names, and more than 50 000 of them are included into the rating list of FIDE . Each game has exhaustive information: participants, date of the game, place, tournament class, opening index. The database HugeBase in Chess Assistant format includes 36 000 commented games.
The database Corr 2006 includes 376 450 correspondence games from 1973 to 2005. The players' library contains more than 50 000 chess players with unique names.
Besides there are following useful chess data on DVD:
Encyclopedia of players: 950 photos of the famous chess players in JPEG format, the list of the tournaments where the player participated, change of the ELO rating in the course of years.
MegaCAP (for Chess Assistant users) 36 000 000 computer evaluations.
Language versions: English, Spanish, German, French and Italian versions are available.