World Champion Emanuel Lasker Chess Training Program

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World Champion Emanuel Lasker Chess Training Program

World Champion Emanuel Lasker Chess Training Program

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Product Code: 15-700

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Emanuel Lasker became world champion in 1894 and kept this title until 1921. These nearly incredible 27 years on the throne are more than enough to yield Lasker a very special place in the history of chess. However, Lasker's fantastic series of tournament successes which - as with Kasparov today - didn't come to an end when he lost the title of the world champion, emphasize his extraordinary position in the chess world even more.

But apart from playing chess, Lasker also left his mark in other fields. He wrote chess books, founded a chess magazine, received a doctorate in mathematics, wrote a drama and even acted as a philosopher. Furthermore, he occupied himself with other games like go and bridge as well, and he even invented a game which he called Lasca, not to mention Lasker's phases of life in Germany, England, the Netherlands, the Soviet Union and the USA. So one could well write a thick book about him, however, aspects beyond the field of chess are only mentioned in passing on this ChessBase CD.

This biography deliberately focuses on the pure chess part of Lasker's life, for particularly as far as his chess is concerned, there are many open questions. Although the long time of Lasker's regency on the chess throne is generally accepted and admired, the world champions who acquired an exemplary and legendary reputation were rather Capablanca and above all Aljechin. Lasker, in contrast, was rather put into the corner of pychological chess. However, basically this only means that until this date, nobody has understood the way he played. Maybe this CD can help to answer questions and do away with prejudices. Many games have been annotated or revised for the very first time. A couple of tournaments have been examined particularly with the following question in mind: 'In what respect was Lasker superior to his opponents?'

Furthermore, the CD contains some features which become visible only at second sight. For example, the database now includes some games in the hopefully correct version, and many correct header data have been completed by dates or round numbers. In addition, Lasker's great tournaments are covered by special tournament reports with much background information. The Lasker CD features:

A main database with five biographical texts with links to further texts. All of Lasker's important matches and tournaments are covered by a report describing the event.

another database including all Lasker games - games from smaller tournaments and matches, free games, consultation games (which used to be very popular) and of course many simultaneous games. The total number of games is 1182.

a multimedia database featuring lectures held at the Lasker conference in Potsdam as well as interviews with players and experts on the subject.

Authors: Albin Poetzsch, Manuel Fruth, Thorsten Heedt, Rainer Knaak, Karsten Mueller, Hans-Dieter Mueller, Dorian Rogozenko, André Schulz and Igor Stohl. All features at a glance: extensive curriculum vitae
complete collection of all 1182 known Lasker games or game fragments
informative reports of all significant tournaments
special reports on Lasker's world championship matches
special analyses to explain Lasker's superiority
many annotated games
multimedia database containing interviews (with Averbakh, Baumbach among others) and video clips from lectures held at the Lasker conference in Potsdam (by Hübner, Unzicker, Lilienthal and others).

All Information taken from the Chessbase Website.

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