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Novag Star Aquamarine

Novag Star Aquamarine
Code: 82-N04

Chess Computer Details:

  • King Height: 1 7/8"
  • Square Size: 1"
  • Overall Dimensions: 11" x 9 1/2" x 1"
  • Estimated Rating: 1850 ELO
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The estimated rating for our chess computers is at tournament time (40 moves in 2 hours, average 3 minutes per move). All chess computers have a large number of levels and can play stronger or weaker than this rating.

The Novag Star Aquamarine uses the latest in Chess technology giving this affordable chess computer a unbelievably strong 1850 rating. It can be your tutor if you are a beginner, or a challenging chess partner if you are already a chess player. It has long term memory, and will retain the last board position (save a game for later play).

The Novag Star Aquamarine has many chess features such as setup position mode, take back move function, suggest a move, coaching, referee, 2 player mode, and save game. An LCD screen also displays chess moves in addition to showing other useful information such as a count down timer, or chess clock.

    An easy to operate table-top chess computer with SENSOR TECHNOLOGY and a strong 4K byte ROM program with 768 byte RAM and system clock speed of 8 MHz.
    With 128 different level settings.
    Programmed in accordance with the International Chess Rules, knows en-passant moves, castlings and pawn promotion.
    A multitude of special features can be chosen and displayed via the Liquid Crystal Display if desired.
    Check, Stalemate and Mate announcement.
    Very fast response time.
    Features include a Random Generator
    Hint key, Referee Mode and Training mode
    Moves can be taken back up to 25 times
    Position verification and also set-up mode for chess problem solving
    Depth search: 12
    solves most MATE in 6 moves
    Games are saved when the unit is switched off.
    Unit measures: 11 x 9.5 x 1 inch
    Runs on 6xAA batteries or adapter (not included)