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4" MoW Cardinal Rosewood Hoplites Staunton Chess Pieces

4" MoW Cardinal Rosewood Hoplites Staunton Chess Pieces
Code: 22-V08

Chess Piece Details:

  • King Height: 4"
  • King Weight: 2.5 oz
  • King Base: 1 5/8"
  • Recommended Square Size: 2" - 2 1/4"
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4" Cardinal Rosewood Hoplites Staunton Chess Pieces

Mark of Westminster Chess Pieces are the paradigm of perfection in wood staunton chess piece design. The premier chess pieces by Mark Of Westminster have been known for their heirloom quality. Each chess set is exclusive, with a printed certificate of authenticity that serves as a lifetime warranty for natural defect. Each chess piece is hand-carved, has leather-bottoms, extra queens, and the signature Mark of Westminster Logo beneath the king.

The Hoplites design is a durable, playable design with a little more detail and flair than traditional French or German styles. This design is great as both a presentation or play piece.

These chess pieces are Cardinal Rosewood and Boxwood, which can suit virtually any board color, however Mahogany, Macassar, and Walnut chess boards are most popular.

Cardinal Rosewood Chess Pieces vary from medium to dark brown, and is preferred due to is handsome, elegant appearance and strong grain variation. As a midrange wood, it is more affordable than some of the more exotic rosewoods, but still has a suitably rich appearance.

Boxwood Chess Pieces are the near universal standard for 'white' chess pieces in hand-carved sets. It is a fairly easy wood to work with, and shows off good detail.

Chessboard Not Included. Deluxe humidor style storage box optional.