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Staunton Chess Sets with Chessboard

We carry an amazing selection of chess pieces and chess boards that should fit any need. We understand that with such a huge selection, finding the right match of chessmen and board can be very difficult. This category contains some options where everything is included for a display chess set. If you are feeling overwhelmed, these sets are a good start as all are sized correctly and make great display options or gifts without the struggle of matching pieces to board.

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Code: 4A-MA1
List Price: $249.95
Price: $237.45
Code: 4A-303
Price: $249.90
Code: 4A-313
Price: $299.90
Code: 4A-105
List Price: $369.95
Price: $332.96
Code: 4A-102
List Price: $399.95
Price: $349.95
Code: 4A-315
Price: $409.90
Code: 4A-308
Price: $439.90
Code: 4A-314
List Price: $529.95
Price: $476.96